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Commercial Loan

Commercial Loan Solution

If you would like to purchase a commercial property or if you are interested in purchasing a home through a business, 1st Street has specialist commercial lenders who can evaluate the commercial lending market on your behalf, find the most suitable product and apply for a loan on your behalf. In a business loan, the borrower may be a partnership, incorporated business or limited company, so the assessment of the creditworthiness can be more complex than with residential mortgages.

WS Accountants Corporate Finance seeks to provide innovative senior debt solutions to Australian Corporate borrowers seeking debt finance in the A$5million to A$100 million range. Our focus is to add value to specific transactions, and ensure completion of deals through our technical skills and dedicated approach. Our capabilities are enhanced by a wide range of connections to advisers and equity issuers in this market. Our target transactions include acquisition Finance.

Acquisition Finance
To assist corporate looking to grow by acquisition, WS Accountants Corporate Finance can provide structured financing solutions to meet the debt requirements of mergers and acquisitions in the above range. Our flexible and innovative approach adds value, and our commitment to achieving results helps ensure transaction closure. WS Accountants also assisting to provide working capital financing facilities to support the merged enterprise.


If you need a more strategic approach to commercial loan, just consult the dedicated team of our professionals.

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