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SMSF Planning & Audit

SMSF Planning & Audit - How We Can Help You

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) is Australia’s fastest growing super funds. There are around 500,000 economical SMSFs offering a plethora of investment options.


Why is SMSF Planning Important?

SMSF are a great instrument for providing you withgreater control over your retirement funds.


How do WS Accountants Advisors help with their understanding of SMSF?

Some of our credentials that help your business are:
✓ We provide you with a team of experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge on every aspect of the SMSF.
✓ We are affiliated to the Institute of Public Accountants.
✓ Our team, realising the importance of relevance in the dynamic economic scenario, undergoes regular trainings to ensure they remain updated on the latest developments.
✓ SMSF audits
✓ Establishment of Pension Funds (transition to retirement and account-based income streams)
✓ Variation of existing SMSF Trust Deeds
✓ Borrowing strategies
✓ Estate planning strategies
✓ Tax effective strategies to minimise tax

WS Accountants, an expert SMSF Accountant in Kew and registered SMSF auditors, are well-versed in the compliance and regulations that you need to follow to maintain your SMSF.

Ensuring your retirement is well funded

Would you like to have more control over your superannuation fund? Then a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) may be the answer. However, ‘self-managed’ means exactly that—you are responsible for researching and tracking your superannuation investments regularly. If the idea of being in command of your super funds appeals, but the hard work puts you off, WS Accountants can help.

SMSF Audit and Audit Assurance

WS Accountants’s Audit & Assurance team can help you and your organisation by providing support through a range of specialist services.


Internal Audit & Risk Services

Whether your organisation is a corporate entity, a government agency or a not-for-profit we can assist you with audit and assurance needs. The current economic climate is placing more and more pressure on organisations to ensure sustainability and accuracy of their position and performance. It is also placing an increasing challenge on organisations to operate efficiently and effectively, whilst maintaining an appropriate level of assurance over governance and controls. Our team comprises service specialists with extensive experience.


Our Audit services

Our service is fully compliant with professional standards. they are:
✓ Outsourced and co-sourced internal audit and risk services
✓ Performance and Compliance audit
✓ Corporate governance assurance & advice
✓ IT audit
✓ Regulatory &legislative compliance audit
✓ Financial audit
✓ Systems process assurance
✓ Risk assessments
✓ Business continuity & disaster recovery management
✓ Risk management advice
✓ Fraud risk & control
✓ Fraud investigations support
✓ Program & project assurance
✓ Better practice
✓ Agreed upon procedures
✓ Quality assurance


The nature and type of targeted internal audit and risk activity should both ensure (protect) and enhance (create) your value. We offer our clients a pragmatic yet comprehensive approach to internal audit and risk services – one that will ensure you can extract the maximum value from our relationship. Our methodology is not just about performing compliance reviews but also about supporting our clients in creating a strong culture of ethics, good governance, and reliable reporting. Our view is to help clients ensure their value is protected and to achieve real enhancement of their value through improving business performance and having a strategic impact by improving the future value. This approach provides potential areas of focus for internal audit and risk services identifying areas for ensuring value and enhancing value.


Your challenge

To assist you in meeting your financial and performance objectives a well planned, executed and communicated audit and risk management process is critical. WS Accountants professionals can help you meet this challenge


If you need a more strategic approach to SMSF advisory services, just consult the dedicated team of our professionals.

So, feel free to contact us.