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Tax Processing & Returns

Tax Effective Strategies and Solutions to Build and Protect Your Wealth

Many small businesses do not operate as tax-effectively as they could, and/or fail to process & plan properly for how they are going to meet their tax obligations.

Western Suburb Accountants has extensive experience and knowledge in the various tax legislations in Australia. With our help you can make sure you are in the best possible tax position. With WS Accountants tax-processing and tax preparation services, your organization need not handle the tax compliance workload any more. The WS Accountants team will function as your personalized tax calculator/income tax processing department and handle the cumbersome, yet important task of tax preparation and processing. Get our advantage and benefit from increased profits combined with minimal operating costs!


Our tax consultants can assist you and provide sound and timely advice on the following services:
✓ Structuring and compliance for new business start-ups
✓ Tax-effective structures (trusts, companies or superannuation) for small to medium-sized businesses to meet financial and business objectives
✓ Personal investments and business tax planning
✓ Tax-effective distributions by trusts, partnerships and hybrid entities
✓ Business succession planning
✓ Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) and Goods and Services Tax (GST)
✓ Ongoing and year-end tax planning strategies
✓ Tax litigation and compliance audits
✓ Management of disputes with the ATO and other revenue authorities, including tax audits
✓ Taxation solutions for individuals and executives
✓ Retirement and estate tax planning to ensure that your assets are protected against undue taxation consequences
✓ Tax Amendments Objections
✓ Early Tax Returns
✓ Acquisition, merger and disposal of business
✓ Tax Structure and Tax Planning
✓ Remuneration planning and structuring
✓ Financial statements, tax returns and compliance issues
✓ Capital Gain Tax: Compliance and Planning


We have a team of highly experienced and skilled tax preparation experts who are capable of handling diverse client's requirements. Our services ensure that all the tax compliance workload is handled in the most efficient manner.

We can help you with a full range of tax processing and tax returns services.

Taxes are ever changing and tax returns in Melbourne are dynamic on a year by year basis. Many people find it challenging to file their tax returns in Melbourne. Whether it is filing an individual tax return or a corporate tax return, mistakes can be made easily and improper returns can be filed. Improper returns face the risk of being audited and may impose heavy penalties and interest on any amount owing. It can take hours going through records and paperwork to correct any mistakes made and as a result of this it can increase your tax burden.

Personal Tax Accountants in Melbourne

Spring is usually the time when most individuals look for a personal tax accountant in Melbourne. WS Accountants assists in completing and filing personal income tax return for hundreds of Australian on a yearly basis and has developed extensive experience in completing these returns.

If you let WS Accountants act as your personal tax accountant in Melbourne then we will assist you in identifying the tax slips needed to complete your personal tax return.


Corporate Tax Accountants in Melbourne

WS Accountants is a full service accounting firm that can provide a variety of tax services including corporate tax services; WS Accountants can act as your corporate tax accountant in Melbourne and provide corporate tax services in Melbourne and anywhere else in the Australia. We also work with many of our clients through remote capabilities.

According to Australian Revenue Agency, all resident corporations have to file a corporate income tax return every tax year even if there is no tax payable. Other corporate tax services in Melbourne that WS Accountants provides includes filing nil returns for dormant or inactive corporations, innovative tax planning to ensure that your corporation falls within the Small Business Deduction Limit and your losses are being properly carried forward or carried back so that you are paying the least amount of corporate income tax.


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