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Training on Individual Taxation

Professional Training on Individual Taxation

The Individual Taxation program seeks to equip trainees with comprehensive Australian tax knowledge and practical skills in various areas such as taxable income, work related deductions, rental property and sole trader businesses. Trainees will practice real-life case studies using tax software such as HandiTax in the following areas:

  • ✓ Preparation of individual and sole trader tax return
  • ✓ Calculation of salary and wages
  • ✓ Calculation of interest and dividends
  • ✓ Distribution from partnership and trust
  • ✓ Depreciation and low value pool
  • ✓ Work-related deductions (D1 – D5)
  • ✓ Other deductions (D5 – D15)
  • ✓ Private health insurance
  • ✓ Capital gains tax in foreign shares
  • ✓ Rental property

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