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Training on Tax Accountants

Professional Training on Tax Accountants Program

The Tax Accountant Job Ready Program seeks to provide the skill set to those looking to work in tax related roles. The program give trainees the knowledge and practice to tackle a broad area in taxation and bookkeeping and help familiarise them with various popular accounting software such as HandiTax for lodging tax returns and MYOB for bookkeeping.
This program includes training in the following areas:

Individual Taxation
  • ✓ Preparation of individual and sole trader tax return
  • ✓ Calculation of salary and wages
  • ✓ Calculation of interest and dividends
  • ✓ Distribution from partnership and trust
  • ✓ Depreciation and low value pool
  • ✓ Work-related deductions (D1 – D5)
  • ✓ Other deductions (D5 – D15)
  • ✓ Private health insurance
  • ✓ Capital gains tax in foreign shares
  • ✓ Rental property in Australia
  • ✓ Foreign rent

Business and Corporate Taxation
  • ✓ Preparation of company, trust and partnership tax return
  • ✓ Extracting and completing profit & loss
  • ✓ Extracting and completing balance sheet
  • ✓ Creating financial reports via journal entry
  • ✓ Distribution of trust and partnership profits
  • ✓ Treatment of losses for companies, trusts and partnership
  • ✓ Completing BAS return in HandiTax and Reckon Elite Tax
  • ✓ Preparation of fringe benefit tax (eg. expense, property, car, meal)
  • ✓ Preparation of payroll tax

  • ✓ Setting up a company
  • ✓ Processing purchases and sales invoices
  • ✓ Processing accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • ✓ Recording of a deposit on purchases
  • ✓ Recording credit notes and overpayments
  • ✓ Process payroll – PAYG withholding and PAYG instalments
  • ✓ Recording employer contributions and deductions in payroll
  • ✓ Inventory adjustments for month-end via general journal
  • ✓ Bank reconciliation
  • ✓ Extracting and preparing reports – profit & loss and balance sheet
  • ✓ BAS / annual GST return lodgement

Microsoft Excel

Trainees may choose one level of their choice from Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced level. Please contact us for more details which you require.