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Professional Training

Professional Training in Melbourne

About Our Taining

WS Accountants provides training services who are Migrant, Student and university graduate and who wants to boost his job opportunity through practical job experience of accounting industry. WS Accountants gives you relevant skill and knowledge of accounting by providing face to face training by our skills professionals and also makes you confident to prove yourself in the accounting profession.

Why WS Accountants

WS Accountants offer you innovative training program design and delivery, focusing especially on practical skills and experiences. Over the duration of your training program, you will be undertaking your training in a fully hands-on practical environment and using a range of training tools that are current and in line with industry standards.

Practical Experience

WS Accountants will offer you voluntary practical experience by gaining experience real life bookkeeping, Taxation & Accounting services after six months, for more details please contact us.

Fees & Payment method

WS Accountants provide affordable training at competitive prices. According to many of our trainees, the programmes are good value for money. All our trainers possess the appropriate training qualifications and have extensive industry knowledge and experience. Your learning experience is central to WS Accountants’ approach. For all enquiry regarding fees and payment, please contact us, one of our professionals contact you.

If you have more interest to know about our training service, just consult the dedicated team of our professionals.

So, feel free to contact us.