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Basic Home Loan

Are you looking for a simple and easy home loan with a low interest rate and minimal fees? Then basic home loan is a massive opportunity for you. Basic home loan make sure a corridor to owning your home in a shorter amount of time and without further products such as connected credit cards or redraw services. Credit cards and redraw facilities can increase the size of your mortgage as they are loan facilities and although they propose convenience, by not having these facilities the size of your loan can only go down. In return for a minor interest rate and smallest fees, basic home loans have fewer features and can be less flexible than other loans. Some lenders may give you the option to pay for extra loan features if a time comes when you need them. There may also be fees and charges if you decide to switch loans or lenders, or pay off the loan sooner. WS Accountants is always with you to boost your borrowing facilities.

Investment Home Loans

Investment properties make a financial return so, depending on your situation, most lenders will lend up to 80% to 90% of the purchase price of an investment property. Mortgage insurance may also be required for lender. Usually investors go for interest only loans as the interest payable is tax deductable and without repaying the principle, the overall repayment amount is lower.

If you have equity in your home, when the value of your property is higher than the loan amount, you can use your equity to invest as you wish. For example, if your property is worth $600,000 and your loan outstanding is $400,000, then you have $200,000 in equity which you can borrow against.

Construction Home Loan

When you’re constructing a new home or scheduling most important renovations to your existing home, a construction loan is generally the suitable financial support opportunity.

The difference between a construction loan and a standard home loan is that instead of a lump sum payment at agreement signoff, the loan is generally drawn down in stages. Payments (or draw downs) agree with the primary purchase of the land followed by a number of key construction stages.

Interest payments

This type of loan is ideal for building, as you only pay interest on the amount you draw down. For instance, if you have borrowed $250,000 for a house and land package, but have only drawn down $100,000 to pay for the land, you only pay interest on the $100,000 not the full amount.


You must pay a deposit to your builder as well as paying a deposit for the land before starting the construction work if you are buying land. You will need to make payments to the builder as work in process going on. Some type of loans can be considered for improvement payments to be made during construction.

First Home Buyer Loan

WS Accountants will be your great hand when you are finding a perfect and challenging lender to get a home loan and securing all the first home buyer benefits.

Regular variable or fixed rate home loan is traditional with primary home buyers as they are easy loans with nominal cost. Basic home loans frequently have a minor interest rate than the average variable rate. Particular lenders could present you allow to supplementary loan features as required but for a further fee. You may also incur fees and charges if you choose to switch loans or pay off the loan earlier.

A split rate home loan is split between a fixed and variable home loan which gives you peace of mind along with flexibility. These loans generally offer all the features of a normal loan but there may be restrictions such as penalties for early repayments.

A preliminary rate with a low initial interest rate can be favorable for first home buyers as the lower repayments permit buyers to enjoy more funds for purchasing and setting up a new home.

Second Home Loan

When individual have more than one home it comes time to sell one home and purchase another, your skill the first time around should make the process a whole lot easier. Each occasion you buy and sell, conversely, the market will be a little bit special. The same goes for finding the right home loan second time around. There are some issues to believe when deciding your next home loan. “Portability” – if you are happy with your current loan, you may be able to take it with you. Find out if you can alternate a new property as protection for your existing loan. There may be a transfer fee, normally anything up to $450 to $550. “Size of loan” – if portability seems like a rational choice, then confirm with WS Accountants personnel regarding whether you can boost the loan amount. Particular lenders allow you to transfer a loan only if it’s the identical number as your current loan. Additional restriction possibly will be required to resolve on the same day for both the current and new properties. “Fresh loan, existing lender” – if you believe a superior product is out there, confirm with WS Accountants officials. You might be able to receive a concession or avoid some cost, mainly if you now use more products with the same organization. “changing costs” – to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible, find out whether the costs of paying out your loan and switching lenders is going to cost more than remaining loyal. Try to negotiate with your lender. “A further loan” – is it your investigation to locate a loan that improved suits your needs. You can always go back to your original lender, who possibly will be able to contest the offer.

Renovation Home Loans

Lots of reason is for choosing to renovate rather than shift. Many people, the more cost of purchasing a new home outweighs the challenges of restoring. Recent big house price rises also means many home owners have considerable equity in their property. This can create getting a renovation loan easier and reduces the danger of overcapitalizing.

True finance

When you make a decision to renovate, finding the suitable loan to suit your needs is principally significant. Renovation loans can make more efficient the whole procedure and save you money. Get ready for the opportunity; be real apparent concerning your wishes, and meeting up on your handyman talents.

Variety of choices

Home owners can decide from a range of funding options obtainable, it will depend on the choice, size and scope of the project: whether it is a simple kitchen update, emergency repairs, home extension or full renovation.

Bridging Home Loan

The timing of settlements to coincide can be very tricky even if you do find a property to buy in a short space of time when selling and buying another property. Bridging finance helps to solve the problem of coordinating the completion on one property with the purchase of a further. When you are allowing for buying a fresh property, bridging finance can offer you with better flexibility and additional opportunities. When you locate a property to purchase before you sell your existing property, a bridging loan provides short-term access to supplementary money which enables you to buy before you sell. Successfully, the lender agrees to take on both mortgages.

It is depending on your choice, the reliability of a fixed rate home loan along with the flexibility of a variable rate loan, a divide (split) loan makes available you with the most excellent of both options.

A fixed rate home loan has a fixed rate for a scheduled period with set monthly or fortnightly repayments. It isn’t too flexible but if interest rates change, the repayments on a fixed interest loan remain the same. A variable rate home loan has a rate that can vary, as adjusted by the lender, but it is flexible in terms of making extra repayments and paying the loan pay off early.

With a split loan, you can have part of your loan fixed and part variable to give you the benefits of both loans in a single home loan. You can customize the loan and add the features you require.

When interest rates are volatile or rising, splitting a loan enables you to hedge against the risk of higher rates whilst still keeping part of your loan at the lower variable rate.


If you are in debt then refinancing your existing mortgage or home loan may be a solution for you. Mortgage refinance uses the equity available in your property to repay other high interest debts. It may permit you to package your present monthly, fortnightly or weekly repayments from your entire amount outstanding into one convenient repayment. This means you end up paying less each time. A mortgage refinance may be available to you even if you fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • ✓ Short-term employed or not employed long enough
  • ✓ Irregular income
  • ✓ Self employed
  • ✓ Government Allowance including New Start
  • ✓ Previously bankrupt
  • ✓ Declined by another lender
  • ✓ Pensioner
  • ✓ Adverse credit history
  • ✓ Existing loan arrears or defaults
  • ✓ Limited savings history

WS Accountants is aware of individual or enterprises financial condition is exclusive, so open the door for us to help you evaluate your condition and offer you with the solutions that possibly will be obtainable to resolution your debt.

Mortgage refinancing facilities:

  • ✓ Pay off your credit quicker.
  • ✓ Extending the length of your mortgage and thereby reducing the amount you repay each month.
  • ✓ Suitable interest rate and further positive conditions than your existing mortgage.
  • ✓ Aggregating your credit card and personal loan debts into your mortgage to take advantage of the lower mortgage interest rate.

Consolidate your debt through a mortgage refinance

A mortgage refinance is often used to consolidate credit card and personal loan debt. This is because a mortgage loan is usually available at a substantially lower interest rate than the interest rate you pay on your credit cards or personal loans.

You need to make a single repayment rather than making several repayments each period by combining your aggregated amount outstanding Individual or enterprise manages their finances more effectively by finishing of paying less money in each period than they are presently paying.

WS Accountants can assist you with a mortgage refinance. We have relationships with numerous lenders who may be able to provide you with a mortgage refinance loan that will support you.


If you need a more strategic approach to mortgage home loan services, just consult the dedicated team of our professionals.

So, feel free to contact us.